Preschool - Problems with Food

Problems with Food (Preschool)

My child doesn't eat much or is a fussy eater.....
Is your child a picky eater? Does your toddler not eat much or only a few types of food? Surprisingly, toddlers often do quite well on a fairly restricted diet but a few tips are helpful to know:

If your toddler is still drinking a lot of milk this can reduce appetite for food, and contribute to constipation and iron deficiency. Try reducing milk intake gradually, either by reducing the amount or by watering it down.
Constipated children also often have a very low appetite. If your child ever passes any small hard stools or has to strain, it may be worth talking to your GP. Appetite will often improve once constipation has been properly treated.
You need to offer a new food many times before it may become acceptable. Getting children to help with shopping and cooking or giving them a choice between two meals can also help. 

My child won't eat by Carlos Gonzalez . Available here
'Fabulous,easy to read, anxiety-relieving resource for parents weaning their children' Lesley (Parent and GP)

Help for fussy eaters

Family Lives advice on fussy eaters here

NHS advice on fussy eaters, weaning, healthy foods, and more here

Common questions on young children and food answered here , for example ideas for healthy snacks and lunchboxes, what to do if your toddler only likes sugary drinks and more.

Is fussy eating forever? More top tips and a vidoe from Professor Fergus Lowe on BBc iwonder Click here

I’m worried my child is overweight  If you're not sure if your toddler might be overweight you can have their height and weight checked with your GP . Find some practical advice for overweight pre-schoolers here

Preschool - Problems with Food

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