Preschool - ADHD

ADHD (Preschool)

I’m worried my child could have ADHD
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can be difficult to diagnose in very young children as so many of the features associated with this disorder (such as being hyperactive and impulsive) are completely normal in this age group. Children who are going through a disruptive time such as moving house, divorce or have had a recent stressful event may also display similar symptoms but these should improve over time. The page below is a useful starting point to help you decide whether you should go and see your GP. There are various rating scales available but these need to be used with a proper clinical assessment to be really useful. Click here 

If your child has been diagnosed with ADHD have a look at ADDISS  who are a national charity providing information including a good section on “Common questions”. Most areas also have local support groups. http://www.addiss.co.uk

This NHS site has a family story about living with ADHD describing first symptoms and signs, diagnosis and what happened next. Click here

Preschool - ADHD

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