Primary - Tics & Tourettes

Tics & Tourettes (Primary School)

What are Tics?

  • Tics are repetitive involuntary movements or sounds like twitches, grunts, or coughs .They are quite common in early childhood around primary school age and usually improve over time. Occasionally they first appear in older children or adults. Although they are not harmful, they can be a nuisance, embarrassing or get in the way of doing things. Tics may not require any treatment at all. They are often made worse by stress and anxiety. See the NHS article below for an excellent explanation.

What is Tourette Syndrome (TS)?

  • Is a neurological condition which is inherited, (runs in families)  and is more common in boys. Key features of TS include tics which have been going on for over a year. Young people with TS may also experience other conditions too, such as ADHDanxiety and OCD. Click on the individual words for more links on any specific problems. Tics are often made worse by worry and stress but can come and go. Sometimes one tic will go, only to be replaced by another.




Tic-toc-tic challenge A video made by Brandon who has TS,  using physical challenges to try to explain how much effort it takes to suppress tics







Primary - Tics & Tourettes

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