Secondary - Anger

Anger (Secondary School)

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For Parents                    

Responding to Anger in Children: video from the Parent's Lounge on YoungMinds


For young people

  • If you often get really angry, it might be because you are upset, frustrated or anxious. Feeling angry a lot of the time can be exhausting and can happen at any age. In your teens and early twenties it's normal to get quite strong mood swings and these can sometimes take you by surprise. Angry feelings might also be made worse by lack of sleep, alcohol, or drugs. It can be really helpful to talk to someone about how you feel and you could try some of the helplines , 1-2-1 chat online or look for some counselling options (see our self -help for young people page here). All the books listed should be available for free in your local library.
  • Not getting on with your family or struggling to talk to them? 
  • Do you often lose your temper and wonder why? Are there days when you just wake up angry? Some good ideas on how to cope 
  • Anger- find help and advice her

    Watch this video by young people on anger and what helps them 





Secondary - Anger

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