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Anger (Secondary School)

Anger at any age can be a sign of underlying anxiety, distress, frustration, embarrassment or sadness. Of course it's also normal for parents to clash with their teenagers as they become more independant and want to make their own choices. The books in the general Secondary School and Young Adults section all have top tips on communication and choosing your battles, but the resources below have some specific advice on dealing with anger.


Why is my child angry?
This NHS page has advice on ‘Helping your child cope with anger’ and helping you work out why your child might be feeling that way. For a lot of children anger is a sign of sadness or anxiety so it may also be worth looking at the pages on anxiety and depression as well.

How to cope with anger and aggressive behaviour
How to defuse situations and avoid making them worse and how to look after yourself. There is a good video too. https://www.familylives.org.uk/advice/primary/behaviour/challenging-behaviour/

Parents guide on how to respond to anger
Advice on dealing constructively with aggression and violence on the excellent YoungMinds site here

Ditch the label “Ten tips on talking to your teenage son”


Responding to Anger in Children: video from the Parent's Lounge on YoungMinds

For young people

If you often get really angry, it might be because you are upset, frustrated or anxious. Feeling angry a lot of the time can be exhausting and can happen at any age. In your teens and early twenties it's normal to get quite strong mood swings and these can sometimes take you by surprise. Angry feelings might also be made worse by lack of sleep, alcohol, or drugs. It can be really helpful to talk to someone about how you feel and you could try some of the helplines , 1-2-1 chat online or look for some counslling options (see our self -help for young people page here)

If you're not getting on with your family or struggling to talk to them, this page is really good
(Childline is for young people up to age 19 years)

Anger- find help and advice here https://youngminds.org.uk/find-help/feelings-and-symptoms/anger/ with a great video by young people on anger and what helps them here

Dealing with anger : some good ideas and a link to a breathing exercise here 

What to Do When your Temper Flares : A Kid’s Guide to overcoming problems with Anger.
By Dawn Huebner Workbook with lots of metaphors and useful strategies. Good for age 6-12 years. Available Here.

Anger Management for Dummies
By Gillian Bloxham; more for older teens, young adults and parents. Available Here.

Mindfulness for Teen Anger
A Workbook by Jason Murphy  Available Here.


Secondary - Anger

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