Secondary - Coping with Divorce or Separation

Coping with Divorce or Separation (Secondary School)

It can be difficult to know how to tell your children about divorce or separation, especially when you may yourself be struggling with painful emotions. It is helpful to remember that at any age, your child is likely to feel a sense of loss and grief.  They may feel angry, guilty sad or anxious. The links below will guide you to advice, information and a couple of useful videos. Relate and DivorceAid (see below) are probably the best UK websites for general reference.

Support for you and your child or children and links to other websites, books and leaflets can be found on the webpage for the charity: www.divorceaid.co.uk


How to support children through divorce or separation
a video from “The Parent’s Lounge” on YoungMinds explains how children of all ages might express their feelings and some top tips for parents.

This video is from Relate - Jack explains how he was helped come to terms with his parents divorce by having counselling.

For Parents

Talking to your child about divorce or separation (Family Lives website)
Available Here

Talking to teens about divorce
Follow this link: Available Here

Age appropriate information for your child
Relate have an excellent website and also run parent sessions in some areas with guidance:
Available Here

Coping with parental separation or divorce, with information about family mediation, custody and child arrangement orders
Available Here.

For young people

Divorce and separation- find advice and support for young people here

Getting to grips with stepfamilies and second families - Click here

DivorceAid - Are your parents splitting up? Are you feeling low?  For childrenfind support here  For teens - find support here


Secondary - Coping with Divorce or Separation

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