Secondary - Drugs & Alcohol

Drugs & Alcohol (Secondary School)

Young people may take drugs and use alcohol for all sorts different reasons - often just for fun but sometimes to cope with difficult emotions. While some experimentation is to be expected, using drugs and alcohol to excess can make mental health difficulties worse, including anxiety, depression and psychosis. A lot of young people recognise that drinking or smoking weed, for example, can help them feel better in the short-term but can make them feel worse the next day, or in the long run. The links below offer unbiased advice on drugs and alcohol including information on many of the newer drugs and their effects. There are also helplines both for young people and for parents and family.

Young people may also experience difficulties as a result of parental drug and alcohol misuse (see resources at the bottom of the page)

For parents

Family Lives.
A video about dealing with addiction including sections on ‘what signs should I look out for?’ and ‘what should I do if my teen has become dependent on drugs or alcohol?’ There are three real-life stories on this page also.

Worried your child is taking drugs? FRANK
www.talktofrank.com, live chat, email.  Accessible, non-judgemental and up-to-date information on drugs for young people and parents Helpline: 0300 123 6600 Free phone 24 hours. Text 82111

Teenage parties, drugs-what are the signs, underage drinking, where to get help for your teen about drugs and an A-Z guide.

Drink Aware information for parents

Alcohol and drugs - what parents need to know

For young people

Young Minds information on drug use

Frank- honest information about drugs and their effects https://www.talktofrank.com

Club drugs. This webpage explains what club drugs are, positive and negative effects and has a useful mini questionnaire.

Addiction : One of the UK's leading mental health, drug and alcohol charities
working with adults and young people https://www.addaction.org.uk/

If a parent has a drug or alcohol problem

Worried about a parent's drinking? Support for young people here

Coping with a parent who is addicted to drugs or alcohol
Support, advice and some real life stories here

National Association for Children of Alcoholics  Support for children and other family members
www.nacoa.org.uk  0800 358 3456

Parents Under Pressure: NSPCC 20 week support for parents who have a child under 5 and are on a drug or alcohol treatment programme.

Developing Health & Independence Adult treatment services that also provides support to family members 

Secondary - Drugs & Alcohol

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