Secondary - Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders (Secondary School)

  • Parents If you are worrying about whether your child is developing an eating disorder or have discovered that they have, it can be really upsetting and difficult to know what to do. See your GP as soon as possible to discuss whether a referral to specialist services is needed. Sometimes teenagers and young adults may not want to see a doctor or may not agree there is a problem or may wish to go alone. While a GP cannot share information that someone over 16 has told them without that person’s consent, a parent can share their own worries with the GP (See Confidentiality). There is a lot of help and information available for young people and their families which we've tried to pull together for you. Parents often find the real-life stories helpful and there are several charities with helplines or e-mail support.
  • Young people If you are a young person who has realised they might have an eating disorder, have a look at some of the websites, videos, books and Helplines - some are more targeted for parents, some more for young people and some for both. It can be really hard to be ready to admit there is a problem and even harder to have the courage to do something about it . Even if you are not ready to make a change, it can be helpful to have someone to talk things over with so remember you are not alone and there is a lot of support out there for you. Start here

For parents

Secondary - Eating Disorders

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