Secondary - Depression

Low Mood and Depression (Secondary School)

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I'm worried my child might be depressed

Realising your child is unhappy is upsetting for parents but we've summarised some of the best support available both for you and for your child here. Of course most of us feel down some of the time. True depression is when such feelings last a long time and are starting to get in the way of everyday life. It may happen because of circumstances (such as bullying, bereavement, or abuse) but it can also happen for no obvious reason. Young people are not often prescribed any medication under the age of 18 years and the most common treatment would be support and counselling. Have a look at the resources under Anxiety as well as there is a strong overlap between the two conditions.


6 things to cure depression.
This US video is a lively discussion about some of the things you can do to help depression backed up with scientific evidence e.g. the powerful effect of exercise on mood. It also promotes Vitamin D, sunlight, sleep, fish oils and social connections.
“A great video to really bring home how essential self care is for mood – much more convincing to my daughter than anything I could tell her!” (Parent)


Feeling unhappy, sad or depressed?Aimed at children this video explains how low mood feels at its worst and that talking to people about it really helps



Secondary - Depression

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