Secondary - Depression

Low Mood and Depression (Secondary School)

Most young people feel down some of the time. Depression is when such feelings last a long time and get in the way of everyday life. It may develop because of circumstances such as bullying, bereavement or abuse but can also happen for no obvious reason. Realising your child is unhappy is very worrying for parents but there is lots of support available, either face to face, on the internet, telephone or in books.

Worried your child is depressed? These pages discusses common signs of depression in young people, some tips on talking to your son or daughter about mood and when to see your GP.

Ten mental health tips for parents
A short but inspiring blog written by a young man who had severe depression about what really helped him. https://www.time-to-change.org.uk/blog/mental-health-tips-parents

Stories and videos about depression from young people and their families from around the UK
Young people from different backgrounds describe how their low mood had affected their realtionships with their families, what had helped and what hadn't. A really useful read. Click here

Online counselling and resources for children and young people. Can log in on computer or smartphone and chat to a counsellor in the afternoons and evenings. There are also blogs and articles. Probably suitable from about 10+ years. Good for those that either don’t want or can’t afford face to face counselling. Free, but you need to create a log in for confidentiality. 

Coping with longer term and more severe depression. See this link on helpforparents.org here


6 things to cure depression.
This US video is a lively discussion about some of the things you can do to help depression backed up with scientific evidence e.g. the powerful effect of exercise on mood. It also promotes Vitamin D, sunlight, sleep, fish oils and social connections.
“A great video to really bring home how essential self care is for mood – much more convincing to my daughter than anything I could tell her!” (Parent)


Feeling unhappy, sad or depressed. Aimed at children this video explains how low mood feels at its worst and that talking to people about it really helps

Secondary - Depression

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