Secondary - School Anxiety

School Anxiety and Refusal (Secondary School)

School refusal or school anxiety are very common and may often be caused by problems at school such as bullying, or sometimes because of general anxiety. School anxiety can also be triggered by having been off school for a longer time with an illness. The websites below have suggestions to help you manage your child’s anxiety and your own emotional needs, as well as find some practical advice.

The first place to turn to is your child’s school. Find out from the school who is the best person to talk to. It may be the Special Educational Needs worker (SENCO), the Headteacher, the class teacher or the Head of Year.


Advice for parents on anxiety and phobias in children, including advice on school phobia.

School related problems
School related problems such as problems with friends, exam stress, homework and revision, moving schools, worrying about your future and more.

Practical ways to help your child and how to involve your child’s school.
There features a video from the parent’s helpline team giving a good summary. Because school refusal is commoner in children who are experiencing other problems there are also links to the dyspraxia and dyslexia society, autistic society and alternative schooling provision.

School avoidance - how can I help my child? A good article looking at truanting and school phobia.

Ideas on how to talk with your child and the school and information on the legal aspects of school attendance

How to help your child
How to help your child and look after your own needs. An Australian article but the advice is relevant for anyone.

Refusing to go to school
Refusing to go to school- mumsnet discussion

Strategies that are adapted for children with autism



Overcoming School Refusal
A practical guide for teachers, counsellors, caseworkers and parents by Joanne Garfi. Written by a psychologist who has spent 30 years helping children who school refusal, it is well indexed giving advice for parents and schools on how to tackle this issue.
Available Here.

Getting Your Child to Say "Yes" to SchoolA Guide for Parents of Youth with School Refusal Behavior by Christopher Kearney This is an American book which has received great reviews from parents. It is aimed at parents and provides suggestions on how to help.
Available Here.

Secondary - School Anxiety

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