Self-help for young people

Self-help for young people

HappyMaps is mainly written for parents and carers, but if you've been directed here, there is some useful advice for young people too. It might also be helpful to show a page to a parent or to look up some advice for a friend. See also our recommended websites for young people below.

  • This is how to find topics on HappyMaps: Click here to find your age group and you will find all the topics listed. For each topic there is advice for parents but also websites, helplines, books, or videos for yourself. Scroll down to find the topic you're looking for.

Top websites (click on the name to go there)

1. www.youngminds.org.uk Great website for all ages with A-Z advice as well as blogs to read on everything from anxiety, anger, body image, self-harm and much more.

2. www.themix.org.uk For older teens and young adults: advice, blogs and articles on pretty well all topics from mental health to money, sex, coping with families, being a carer, relationships, housing and lots more.They also have 1-2-1 online chat and text messenager options.

3. www.childline.org.uk
Not just for young children, a great website for everyone up to 19 years. Get support, read advice or check out the message boards.

4. www.kooth.com
Online forum for discussion where you can just read or contribute. Online counselling with trained counselors for 10-18 years for free. You need to create a log-in for confidentiality. 

For helplines and other ways of getting text or online chat support click here and see our counselling page where you can also find local organisations if you live in the SouthWest UK.

If you need help for suicidal feelings see this page

For other websites and advice on student life, apprenticeships and working go to our young adults page 

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Self-help for young people

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