Self-help for Young People


Are you worried about yourself or a friend? 

HappyMaps is mainly for parents but we have put together some of the best places to look for help and support for you here:


I need help !

    I need advice and information – top websites 

    • Young Minds Website for with A-Z advice as well as blogs to read on everything from anxiety to body image, self-harm and much more. 
    • The Mix For older teens and young adults: advice, blogs and articles on mental health, money, coping with families, being a carer, relationships , drugs and lots more.They also have 1-2-1 online chat and text messenger options.
    • ChildLine Not just for young children and not just a helpline! An amazing website for everyone up to 19 years. Get support, read advice or check out the message boards.
    • Kooth  Online counselling with trained counsellors for 10-18 years for free. You need to create a log-in for confidentiality. Also have an online forum for discussion where you can just read or contribute. 
    • Bristol Mind Huge list of links including local and national helplines for young adults
    • Mind Charity A to Z of mental health topics including information on medication, sleep problems, helplines and a “your stories” section 

    I need help on a particular problem

    • Go to this page and find the problem you’re looking for. Ignore the section for parents and scroll down to find resources like good websites, videos or books for young people. 
    • Self-help booklets – These don’t look very exciting but they are small, easy to read and you can write in them .Download (or order online) these booklets with techniques which you can adapt for yourself. A good way of starting to unpick problems and think about small steps forward. Highly recommended

    I need to find counselling or other support

    • Kooth On-line confidential counselling with trained counsellors for ages 10-18 years
    • The Mix One-to-one online chat, message boards and text message options for young people up to age 25 years
    • OnMyMind Search for counselling or other support using your postcode plus find a ‘jargon buster’ for medical terms, information on referrals and treatment.
    • Relate can offer free counselling for young people face-to face, by web-chat or by telephone. They can also offer family therapy (fees apply) This link will take you to page which explains more and you can look for a centre near you.
    • Hub of Hope Put in your postcode and get a list of local organisations, counsellors, support groups and charities
    • Can you or your family afford to pay for a private counsellor ? Have a look at the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy The Priory Group or The Counselling Directory

    I’m a student and need help 

      • Student Minds  new guide for starting university with advice on time management, study skills, relationships, addiction, identity, mental illness and where to go for help if you need it.
      • Save the Student A good article looking at a common mental health problems at university, where to get help including advice on money problems, and tips on looking after yourself.
      • Students Against Depression This website has support for students and those who may be looking after them or worried about them including friends and family. 
      • Student Health App (free)  This App has advice on everything from first aid, common medical problems, travel, mental health and more.
      • Student Wellbeing A series of illustrated pocketbooks written by Dr. D Thompson with practical advice and top tips for parents and students, especially those going into their first year. The series includes Resourcefulness, Anxiety, Depression and Staying Well and Safe.
      • Learning to cope with bipolar disorder at University 
      • How I coped with OCD at University

      I’d like to understand more about mental health – are there any good books?

      Shelf-help is a selection of books available in your local library which have all been chosen and recommended by young people on a range of mental health and well-being topics. Some books are self-help manuals or workbooks, and others are fiction. You can check the list on-line and read the first chapter to see if you like the look of it, then borrow it from your library or buy it.

      Self-help young people
      Mood Boosting books for all ages 

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