North Somerset

North Somerset

Family Links Free parenting courses in North Somerset. They include courses for helping you cope with children of all ages. Helping mums and dads find ways to tackle tricky situations as parents, boosting their skills and meeting other parents. "The course wasn't at all patronising. It helped me to think about ways to cope better with my child's problems and it was nice to meet other parenst too. I felt shy at first but it was quite fun" (Parent) Find out more here

North Somerset Online Directory: Find children's centres, activities and advice on mental wellbeing including a directoy of local services here

Wellspring Counselling offer free counselling for ages 11-18 years in North Somerset tel  01275 810879.
Find them on http://www.wellspringcounselling.org.uk

Bridging the Gap Together offer signposting and occasional parenting courses such as “Dealing with challenging behaviour” for North Somerset here

JHF (The Jack Hazeldine Foundation) in Portishead: an amazing project offering young people who have suffered trauma in childhood the chance of being mentored. by some inspiring volunteers. Read more here

SAS substance advice service for young people based in Weston-super-mare . Can provide information to young people or their families on drugs and alcohol . Young people can refer themsleves by phoning: find details here


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