Should I be worried?

Should I be worried ?
It can be really difficult to know whether your child's behaviour or feelings are a normal part of growing up or a sign that something isn’t going well. Click on the PDF for this document for all ages by MindEd as a good starting place.

Common behaviours and signs that something might be wrong

Top Tips for you and your child
To support your primary school age child during a time of change or difficulty

If your child is a young person over 18 have a look at our Young adults section as well.

For specific concerns, have a look at the age sections, which list common problems at different ages and what to look out for.

Most areas run Parenting Support Courses for all ages from toddler to teens. These are usually free and are a great place to meet other parents with children in a similar age group and learn some coping strategies to help you and your family.


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