Emergency Help

In a medical emergency, such as an overdose, call 999. 
For a traffic light system to help you judge how urgently you should seek help click here

If your child has self-harmed and you are concerned that the cuts are very deep or there is serious blood loss, call your GP, or go to Casualty, or call 999. If you are not worried about your child’s physical health (in other words, the cuts are shallow and no longer bleeding), the first thing to do is keep calm and have a look at the section on self-harm to help you decide what to do next and how to talk to your child about what has happened.

If your child, teen or young adult is expressing suicidal thoughts, they should also see a doctor as soon as possible. Many people express suicidal thoughts because they are feeling overwhelmed and may not really want to act on them, but it is still very frightening for them and frightening for you. Other worrying symptoms might include hearing voices, feelings of unreality, becoming very angry or violent, showing signs of an eating disorder or becoming very withdrawn. As a parent it can be really difficult to judge the seriousness of a problem, so don’t hesitate to seek advice.

See also the sections on medical and specialist advice and counselling and parenting support.

If you have younger children and are feeling overwhelmed by lack of sleep, behaviour problems or other issues, you are not alone and there is lots of support available for you. As well the parent's support on this website, consider speaking to your health visitor (for under 5’s), school, your GP or one of the Helplines or online chat options.

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