Newsletter 1 – Welcome!

HappyMaps Newsletter 1

Welcome to the first HappyMaps newsletter ! 

This website is designed to guide you to useful resources on emotional health for your children of any age. The resources you see are selected based on recommendations and reviews from parents, professionals and, in many cases, children or young people themselves. For books there are links to Amazon so that you can easily read reviews, but they should also be available in your local bookshop and library. Libraries can often order books for you, even if they don’t stock them.

Often the first question in any parent’s mind is whether their child’s behaviour is normal. At the school gates or on social media, people don’t always discuss what’s going on at home and it can be easy to feel alone and like you must be the only one struggling, while other parents seem to have no problems. It might be a child who has tantrums so impressive they leave the whole household exhausted, a nine year old who is still afraid of the dark, a teenager who has self-harmed or a student who is struggling with low mood. Many of the links and websites we have listed feature real-life stories and videos from families who have been through similar problems and there are also helplines where you can phone or chat on-line for advice here.

A first step is to have a look at our page on “Should I be worried?” and also the advice on the “Looking after yourself” pages for some general resources. When you look in the age section (pre-school/primary and secondary), you need to scroll down beyond the general resources to find the full list of topics.

This NHS link has a good summary of the signs of depression in children and teenagers:

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