Newsletter 6 - Mood boosting books

Published 15th May 2019

This week is Mental Health Awareness week and so here are some mood boosting books for all ages !

Shelf Help 
Sometimes a well-written book can make a big difference, making you feel less alone, explaining a condition or sharing a story from someone who has had similar experiences. The Reading Well initiative is collections of books on different topics chosen by readers and available in your local library for loan. The Shelf Help selection are all books on mental health which have been chosen by young people and are a mixture of fiction and non-fiction books. You can look at the complete list here and you can see an image of some of them above.

The Reading Well site also has lists of mood boosting books for all ages including young adults, older adults, people affected by cancer and more - see the different categories available here:

For children age 4 to 13 yrs , take a look at the Book Sorter which let's you choose what sort of book you fancy, put in your age and get suggestions chosen by other children here


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