Primary School

Primary School

Starting school can sometimes be as stressful for parents as it is for children and brings with it a whole new set of challenges – coping with school toilets, new friends, new routines and separation anxiety to name a few. If your child is already some way through primary school there may be other stresses with friendship problems, excessive gaming or perhaps anxiety about moving up to secondary school. Luckily there is a lot of support available for families including websites, books, videos, helplines and on-line chat options, so have a look at what's on offer below.

General websites

  • Mind You: Starting School
    Great Gloucestershire website with a useful page on starting school.
  • Family Lives This fantastic website has articles and videos on lots of topics such as making new friends, positive discipline, ‘pester power’, homework, coping with stealing or lying, ‘school gate culture’, and many more: 
    When looking at videos on the ParentChannel TV section, click on the first video in the section and then click on"PLAYLIST" in the top left hand corner to see the full list of other videos.
  • Partnership for Children A charity that provide materials to build emotional resilience in children mainly for use in schools but also by parents. Downloadable activities for children aged 5-9 yrs on feelings, communcation, friendship (including dealing with rejection and loneliness) , dealing with anger and change and loss. For example there is a printable barometer for feelings of anger, and activities that you can do with your child such as thinking about what makes a good friend.

General books

  • The Incredible Years by C Webster-Stratton for parents of children aged 2-8 years.Although this is quite a long book, it's an easy read and very practical with lots of examples. You can dip into the sections relevant for you. Recommended.
  • Overcoming Worry, Shyness, Anger, OCD  and more by Dawn Huebner. A useful series of books for the 6-11 year old age group.  All are highly rated by readers and professionals alike and have sections for the child to fill in with their own ideas and examples. They are best read and done together with a parent. 
  • How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish. Easy to read with lots of illustrations and a light touch but sensible advice. 
  • Perfectly Norman by Tom Percival. one of a series of books, this book is about self acceptance and is full of lovely illustrations and positive messages.Highly rated by parents.
Primary School

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