Self-help and wellbeing ideas

Coping strategies and ideas

  • The Happiness Lab Podcast Find out some of the science behind what makes people happy – it’s not always what you think! A great listen which might even change what you do….
  • Try This!  91 suggestions from other people your age to try for fun, distraction or help you when you feel stressed or down- everyone is different but maybe there will be something that you like the sound of here !
  • When bad things happen- some ideas on how to cope.
  • Self-help mini CBT for managing your worries 
  • Self-help booklets – These don’t look very exciting but they are small and easy to read and you can write in them. Download (or order online) these booklets with ideas you can adapt for yourself—a good way of starting to unpick problems and think about small steps forward.
  • Staying on top of sleep. Written during the pandemic, practical advice if you’re struggling with sleep
  • Smiling Mind a meditation app to help to relieve the stresses of everyday life. See Best Apps page for more




Quizzes and activities