A one -stop hub of information on young people's mental health

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A one-stop hub of information on young people's mental health

For Parents, Professionals and Young People



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HappyMaps: Here to Support You

HappyMaps is an award-winning charity founded by healthcare professionals in collaboration with parents and young people. We understand the challenges families face when seeking help and how time-consuming it can be to navigate online information and find resources you trust. Let HappyMaps be your guide in finding the support you need, along with accurate information and recommended resources endorsed by CAMHS and fellow parents and young people.

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“I think this is a fabulous resource-very clearly laid out with the full range of supports available, from parenting tips through to professional help” (Parent)

“This is great to recommend to parents when they are worried about their children. It’s the best website for mental health issues that I’ve found” (Teacher)

“Excellent. I work for CAMHS Bristol and regularly recommend this website”  (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services)