Understanding how mind and body connect is something we can help our children learn From knowing how anxiety can make your body feel to finding out what can help you cope with stressful times, these are life lessons that are useful for all of us throughout our lives. Even young children can learn techniques to help them relax, focus or cope with strong feelings like anger or worry.

Research also tells us the importance of sleep, connecting with others, time to do nothing, exercise, good food, and being in nature. Everyone is different and not all of these things will be equally important, and they may also change as we grow. It’s nice to spend time thinking for yourself or with your child about what things truly help you feel more balanced.


Wellbeing resources for all

These resources can be enjoyed solo or as part of a group and can be beneficial to a person of any age (younger children may need a bit of help with some)




Wellbeing for preschool children


Having self-care as part of your emotional toolkit from a young age can benefit your child long into their adult lives. By teaching them ways to feel calmer, they are also less likely to feel quite so overwhelmed by their emotions as they get older.

  • Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame is a fun interactive game for children to follow their favourite muppet character as they make friends.  This app teaches useful calming and breathing techniques.
  • Barnados Bedtime Stories read by celebrities on Youtube- perfect for young children


Wellbeing for primary school children



  • Make a self-soothe box filled with all the things which make you feel calm, have happy memories or help you distract yourself
  • Write a letter to your future self. This service allows you to write an email to yourself with your current feelings and thoughts and have the pleasure of receiving the email 1-3 years later.

   Help with getting active

   Apps and Sleep Resources

  • Feeling Good and Feeling Good Teens (age 10-15) Apps. Positive mental training – two free NHS Apps to help you build your mental strength
  • Mindful Powers Guided stories lead children towards calmness and mindfulness. For children aged 7+.
  • Moshi Over 45 hours of soothing sleep stories, music and soundscapes designed to take the pressure off falling asleep. Aimed at children aimed 4+ but can be enjoyed by all.
  • For more Apps, including ones designed for specific issues in this age group- please visit our Best Apps Page


Wellbeing for secondary school children




  • Make a self-soothe box filled with things which help you feel calm, remind you of good times or can distract you if you’re feeling overhwlemed.
  • Write a letter to your future self. This service allows you to delay an email for 1-3 years, write your current feelings down, and see how much you’ve grown when you open it.


  • Smiling Mind a meditation app to help to relieve the stresses of everyday life.