Problems with toileting

Bedwetting, Daytime accidents, Potty training and Constipation

Although toileting is not really a behavioural problem, it can have a huge impact on the family when it’s not going according to plan. Sometimes behavioural strategies can help. The best source of information is undoubtedly the charity ERIC which has a helpline and leaflets on everything from constipation to bedwetting and more. Lots of parents worry about this when their children are about to start school but typically in any class of thirty children aged 4 years, around 5 children will still be having daytime accidents. Check out the ERIC website here for some top tips such as blowing up a balloon while sitting on the toilet for constipation.

Toileting-what’s normal?
How to potty train (NHS)  
Soiling and wetting
A helpful leaflet from the Royal College of Psychiatry also discusses two real-life examples: Emily (age 7 years: wetting) and Jack’s story (age 6: soiling)

Need some advice on potty training, constipation and bedwetting? This NHS page has advice on potty training problems and some direct links to good ERIC leaflets as well.