Primary - Coping with Divorce or Separation

Coping with Divorce or Separation (Primary School)

It can be difficult to know how to tell your children about divorce or separation, especially when you may yourself be struggling with painful emotions. It is helpful to remember that at any age, your child is likely to feel a sense of loss and grief.  They may feel angry, guilty, sad or anxious, and they make take their feelings out their parents. The links belwo include good support for you and your child or children plus information on legal aspects and some helplines.

I'm a single parent now

How to support children through divorce or separation:  a video from “The Parent’s Lounge” on YoungMinds explains how children of all ages might express their feelings and some top tips for parents.

What to tell the children about divorce or separation ages 7-14 yrs






Primary - Coping with Divorce or Separation

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