Primary - Internet Safety & Gaming

Internet Safety & Gaming (Primary School)

The internet can of course be hugely fun and educational but can also become a source of concern to parents when children and teenagers spend many hours online. Some children may run into problems with social media or online bullying, others become addicted to gaming or may accidentally view distressing imagery. As parents it can be really hard to know where to find reliable information so we've selected a range of some of the best resources below.

  • THINKUKNOW: Parental controls, 'how to stay safe online', 'worried who your child might be talking to online?' and more. Resources for children in different age groups as well as parents and carers. Most children will be covering this extensively at school but these websites can reinforce those messages or help parents be up to date. https://www.thinkuknow.co.uk
  • Does your child need a mobile phone? 
    Some ideas on what you might like to consider and discuss here
  • Net Aware
    An excellent site which will keep you up to date with safety issues with whatever games, social media and Apps your child is using e.g. Instagram, Snapchat, Minecraft and Fortnite with age ratings and an indication of what children like and dislike about it.  https://www.net-aware.org.uk
  • National Online Safety also has detailed information on games and social media e.g snapchat, tictoc, kik, FIFA, youtube, instagram, grand theft auto and many more. The downloadable posters make it particularly good for use in schools. There are also tips on starting up a conversation with your child. To click straight to the parents guides follow this link

Building confidence after online bullying

Primary - Internet Safety & Gaming

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