Being bullied is a horrible experience whatever your age. If it spills into social media, you might not be able to escape bullies even when you are at home, and a lot of bullying behaviour is online because it can be anonymous or at the very least not face-to-face. Bullies often pretend that their behaviour or comments are ‘just a joke’ or ‘banter’, but if it makes someone feel bad, then it’s not acceptable. Sometimes people feel bullied at home, by a family member.
We have collated some useful advice for parents and, if you’re a young person experiencing this, then scroll down to the second half of the page – we can help.

For Parents

Discovering your child is being bullied can be very upsetting and it is often tempting to try and take matters into your own hands and take immediate action. Before you do, have a look at the resources below which can help guide you on what to do next and how to talk to your child, their school or anyone else who might be involved. Bullying on social networks is also common – there is some good information on this below under cyberbullying and detailed information on the hazards of particular games and social platforms can be found in the internet and gaming section.

Video on online bullying

For children

Get help now on this helpline (Mon-Fri 9-5 pm) or on Childline anytime (all ages up to 19 years)

Books about bullying and friendships

  • Books on bullying for all ages a special reading list compiled by Shop Scholastic
  • Dealing with Bullying by Jane Lacey. Available in your local library as part of the Reading Well scheme​.’This book teaches readers how to deal with bullies and make sure they don’t give in to peer pressure to bully others. It features seven stories from children who have a range of bullying problems from a girl who is being left out by her friends to a boy bullied for the way he speaks. It features both verbal and physical bullying. The stories help readers understand and empathise with characters, while also offering practical advice that children can use in their everyday lives
  • Planet Omar – Accidental Trouble Magnet by Zanib Mian. This highly-rated book is available in your local library as part of the Reading Well scheme. A book about being different, growing friendships and overcoming hurdles.Perfect for 5-10 yr olds
  • The Positive Parenting Project has compiled a list of books for all ages to help children with friendship problems