Preschool - Anxiety

Anxiety (Preschool)

Even very young children can experience anxiety but often can’t explain or rationalise it. Anxiety may also be expressed as anger, frustration (tantrums) or other behaviour problems such as biting.

Helping your child feel calm again  https://www.actionforchildren.org.uk/news-and-blogs/parenting-tips/2017/january/helping-your-child-to-feel-calm-again/

NHS choices has a good summary of advice here 

Separation anxiety is completely normal in younger children and shows they have a secure relationship with their parent but some children will find it harder than others to learn to separate when starting school or nursery. A useful explanation, some top tips and a video can be found here and in this great video on ParentChannel with some interviews with parents and children:


Sesame street “Breathe” App (US): This is a lovely little interactive App for dealing with common toddler/younger child scenarios which can lead to worry or frustration e.g. feeling anxious about going to nursery/school or getting frustrated putting on shoes, by teaching kids to stop, take a breath and think of solutions. Choice of Spanish or English. You can read a review of the App on 'Common Sense Media' here. It's free and available for Apple or android.


Preschool - Anxiety

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