Online Safety, Social Media & Gaming

Whatever the worry that has brought you to this page, we have help and advice for you. Whether you’re a parent, child or young person, scroll down to your section for information you can trust, places to get help and read personal stories.

Parenting in the digital age

The internet is of course fun and educational, but can also sometimes be dangerous or harmful. It’s very common for young people to run into difficulties with social media or online bullying. They may see distressing imagery or become addicted to gaming. Even more worrying, criminals use social media and gaming platforms to target young people to exploit them. Despite all the education that young people receive in schools, they can still be vulnerable and sometimes may not even be aware they are being taken advantage of. We’ve selected some of the most useful resources to help parents and carers stay up-to-date and informed. We’ve also included resources for young people if they are worried or have got into difficult situations and don’t know what to do. The main advice from anyone working in this field is to keep the communication channels open by remaining non-judgemental, join in with what your children or teenagers are doing,  but don’t hesitate to get some advice if you’re worried.


Saying safe, having fun and what to do if things go wrong

Teenagers and pornography young people discuss pornography, fantasy vs. reality and how it can impact them.

What is sexting and what do parents need to be aware of?